Trigger live action animations in Twitch with new tool coming from Adobe


Trigger live action animations in Twitch with new tool coming from Adobe

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Twitch viewers could soon influence live animations, thanks to a tool currently under development by Adobe. Announced on Friday, October 26, Adobe is building a Twitch extension that allows viewers to trigger an animated action inside Character Animator using Bits.

Adobe Character Animator uses a webcam and a bit of artificial intelligence magic to turn your face into an animated character. The software allows the character to follow your expressions and speak for you. Character Animator, one of the newer programs on Adobe’s roster, already allows for live-streaming on Twitch.

Now, Adobe and Twitch are working together to build Character Trigger by Adobe, a Twitch extension that will allow viewers to trigger an action on that live animation. With the extension, viewers will be able to trigger a dance move, a costume change, or another reaction using Bits, Twitch’s format for tipping video creators.

The broadcaster can create the animations, which are unlimited, and select options to present to viewers. Once live, viewers can choose any animation from the menu that they have enough Bits for, choose the option, and trigger that action during the animation. The extension can only trigger one animation at a time, so multiple triggers will be played in order.

Adobe says the extension is designed to increase engagement, along with interactivity, by going beyond the chat options. The format can also help broadcasters monetize the Twitch stream by encouraging viewers to send Bits.

Adobe Character Animator matches webcam movements across the face, including the mouth, eyebrows, eyes, and the tilt of the head. Those movements are mixed with other commands from the software like walking. The latest update delivered the option to use a photo or artwork to create the animated character, along with tools for picking up and throwing objects. Some Twitch users are already using Adobe Character Animator on Twitch to go live as their own avatars.

The Character Trigger by Adobe extension is currently under development — but eager streamers can apply online to work with the beta version to help develop the tool. Adobe Character Animator is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud.

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