Twitter’s new guideline seek to curb abusive comments on Periscope


Twitter’s new guideline seek to curb abusive comments on Periscope

Twitter, in an effort to curb abusive comments on Periscope, its video-streaming platform, is giving users new tools to deal with abusers and other people who violate Periscope’s guidelines. Rather than attempt to rely solely on algorithms or its own staff, Twitter has decided to give community members the ability to monitor and police Periscope’s live chat rooms.

In addition to allowing chat moderators to ban people from live chat rooms, Twitter will soon start suspending and permanently banning accounts that violate the company’s guidelines. While Periscope’s current rules allow for chat moderators to ban individual users from a chat room, it does not allow them to kick them off the platform. If someone is banned from one chatroom, they can simply go to another chat room and harass a new set of users.

That all changes on August 10. When Twitter’s new rules go into effect, those who are found to be repeatedly violating Periscope’s terms of service and community guidelines may see their account suspended or banned altogether.

This move makes sense considering Twitter’s past issues with harassment, such as when actor Leslie Jones was driven off the platform by trolls. However, the announcement was met with mixed reviews by Twitter’s community. Many users did praise Twitter for taking action against abusers and trolls, but some were concerned that the community self-policing could simply make way for a new form of harassment. In this case, some users are concerned that people might simply begin reporting anyone they disagree with using Periscope’s new rules as a means of eliminating dissent or simply as a new means of trolling.

However, the majority of replies to Periscope’s tweet were positive and expressed optimism regarding the upcoming changes.

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Published at Sat, 28 Jul 2018 19:01:22 +0000


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