The 25 best Galaxy S7 cases to safeguard your Samsung smartphone


The 25 best Galaxy S7 cases to safeguard your Samsung smartphone

Best Galaxy S7 cases - Moshi iGlaze Napa Case

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is gorgeous, but it’s also a fragile blend of metal and glass. If you don’t want your new smartphone screen shattering or that shiny body picking up scuffs and dings, then you really need to invest in some protection. We’ve rounded up the best Galaxy S7 cases for your perusal. Find a style and a level of protection to suit you. You may also want to read up on our Galaxy S7 tips and tricks, or check out our picks of the best Android apps for your Samsung phone.

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Leather, folio, and wooden Galaxy S7 cases

Moshi iGlaze Napa Case ($40)

Moshi iGlaze Napa Case

This is a smart-looking case that combines protection with a sophisticated design. There’s a flexible layer on the inside that absorbs impact and extends at the front to help protect your screen. It also provides a bit of give in the button covers and around the port openings. On top of that, it sports a tough polycarbonate frame outfitted with a faux leather covering that’s available in either black or brown. A metallic-style strip on the back bears the Moshi logo. It’s also comfortable to hold and it looks very stylish on the Galaxy S7.

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Noreve Tradition E Leather Case ($42)

Noreve Tradition E Leather Case

The Galaxy S7 is a gorgeous blend of metal and glass, but you’ll find that the back picks up fingerprints and smudges very easily, and it can be a little slippery. Noreve’s leather shell case is the perfect antidote, enveloping the fragile back and frame in luxurious leather. It adds a layer of protection and makes the phone more comfortable to hold and easier to grip. It’s a fairly minimal case, so there are cutouts for buttons, ports, and other features, but it still provides some protection from bumps and knocks. If you pay a little extra, you can choose different finishes and colors of leather.

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VRS Design Layered Dandy Case ($35)

VRS Design Layered Dandy Case

You can leave the wallet or purse at home with this faux leather case from VRS Design. There’s a magnetic closure for the cover, open it up and you’ll find three card slots and a handy pocket for cash. Your Galaxy S7 slots into a shell with cutouts for the buttons and ports. There’s also an opening for the camera on the back. It’s a good looking case, but it won’t work with all wireless charging pads, and the look is spoiled a little if you fill it with cards and cash because it doesn’t sit flush with the phone.

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Samsung S View Case ($15+)

Samsung S View Case

This clever folio case from Samsung features a window onto the screen, so you can see the time and incoming messages, or even take and make calls without opening the cover. There’s a shell inside that your S7 snaps into and it has the full range of cutouts you need for uninterrupted access to controls, ports, and the camera on the back. Wireless charging will still work with the case on. It’s finished in a kind of synthetic leather in black, gold, silver, or white.

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Melkco Jacka Type Case ($32)

Melkco Jacka Type Case

Cases that open like a book can sometimes be awkward. It’s not always easy to get at the volume buttons, and the cover can get in the way during a call. Thankfully, this case opens vertically, so it’s a little easier to use your S7 with it on. The finish is coarse-grained leather, which is available in either black or white with white stitching. It’s padded and comfortable to hold, too, with openings that provide full access to your smartphone’s buttons, ports, and camera. There’s even a tiny clasp at the top to hold it closed, as well as a soft lining on the inside to protect your screen.

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Carved Traveler Wood Case ($39+)

Carved Traveler Wood Case

At Carved, you’ll find all kinds of gorgeous designs on wood. You can get unique pieces to show off interesting wood grain, or opt for a patterned or painted design. The wooden back panels are paired with a solid, polycarbonate shell that includes flexible, textured sides for added grip. You’ll also find that all of the cutouts are accurate, and the button covers are really thin. Some of the designs are available through partnerships with artists and the cases are hand-crafted in northern Indiana.

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Cover-Up WoodBack Case ($29)

Cover-Up WoodBack Case

Everyone likes the look of natural wood, and Cover-Up lets you choose the wood you prefer from a wide selection that includes bamboo, maple, mahogany, cedar, walnut, and more. The basic shell is black polycarbonate, which snaps onto your Galaxy S7 securely. Natural wood is used for the back panel and each case is unique. This is a very slim case with openings for the buttons and camera. It also leaves the top and bottom edges of the phone completely open for easy access, so we wouldn’t rely on it for rugged drop protection.

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