Leaked Xbox One controller may bring gaming to those with physical limitations


Leaked Xbox One controller may bring gaming to those with physical limitations

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Microsoft seems to be developing a new Xbox One controller specifically for accessibility. A leaked image of the prototype popped up on Twitter thanks to WalkingCat, and Windows Central reports that it has heard the controller will likely be unveiled sometime at E3 or even before the big event.

The prototype above doesn’t resemble a normal gamepad at all. The first thing that stands out are the two large, raised buttons that comprise most of the controller. These “A” and “B” buttons look to be programmable and will help gamers who do better with touch than sight. Without thumbsticks, the four Xbox One face buttons, bumpers, and triggers, the A and B buttons will have to handle a variety of inputs. The three LED lights seem to correspond to the programmable functions, with the white button toggling user control schemes.

The controller also has the standard Xbox logo command button which turns the console/controller on and off, the two navigation buttons, and a d-pad. On the left side of the controller are two ports that look like a USB port and an audio jack. The USB port will probably be used to program the controller to work with Xbox One and Windows games.

The picture doesn’t do much to give away the dimensions of the controller, but given the large and apparently programmable buttons, we imagine it’s possibly a tabletop controller, not one users would hold in their hands. It’s too early to tell for sure, though.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft would have designed a controller that works well for gamers with physical limitations. The Xbox One Elite controller, although marketed as a premium option for serious gamers, has opened up a myriad of options for those with disabilities thanks to its wealth of programmable buttons and control schemes.

Although Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the existence of its new controller, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it on hand at E3. It’s certainly heartwarming that Microsoft apparently noticed that the Elite controller helped make its games more accessible. If this leak proves true, the accessibility-minded controller option could open up Xbox One games to an even wider audience.

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