Want to learn to play bass guitar? Fret Zealot teaches rhythm section wannabes


Want to learn to play bass guitar? Fret Zealot teaches rhythm section wannabes

Remember how the Guitar Hero game made us all feel like we were one wrecked hotel room and a pair of uncomfortably tight leather pants away from being rock gods? Fret Zealot uses a similar idea (the Guitar Hero bit, not the hotel room-trashing and tight pants) to help you master the guitar for real.

It’s a paper-thin LED aftermarket accessory for guitars that fits just above the frets and provides you with glowing, color-coded guides to help you master any song that comes your way. Digital Trends tried and liked the original Fret Zealot when it launched in 2017, but now the team is back with a new variation that’s bound to further expand the device’s appeal. And for anyone who has ever tried and failed to learn the guitar — and now the bass — that can only be a good thing.

“We launched the regular guitar version last year, and are excited to be releasing the bass guitar version this year,” Shaun Masavage, CEO of Fret Zealot manufacturer Edge Tech Labs, told Digital Trends. “The biggest challenge for bass guitar was moving every single LED individually and scaling the product such that we were confident it would fit every full size bass scale length and neck width.”

With those problems taken care of, this looks like it will be ideal for anyone looking to to learn bass. Masavage said there are four main potential customers. These include the first-time player looking for an easy way to learn; tab rockers who only want to play their favorite songs; improv players who want to be able to jam and solo; and music theorists who hope to learn more about the fundamentals of playing.

As ever, would-be buyers should be aware of the risks of backing crowdfunding campaigns, although the fact that Fret Zealot has already shipped a product successfully does ease some of those fears. If you would like to get involved, you can pledge money on the team’s Kickstarter page. A Fret Zealot for Bass device will set you back $149, which promises to be a whole $100 off the eventual retail price. Shipping is set to take place in August 2018.

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