‘Fortnite’ Season 4 transforms the Battle Royale map with comet debris


‘Fortnite’ Season 4 transforms the Battle Royale map with comet debris

The impending start of Fortnite‘s fourth season had players believing that the Battle Royale location “Tilted Towers” would be destroyed by an enormous comet plummeting from the sky. Fans were so sure of this that some even tried to pre-emptively destroy the towers before the comet even arrived, but in actuality, a different location was the target of the flaming rock.

When the comet hit the map on Tuesday, May 1, it was the “Dusty Depot” zone that was eliminated, leaving a giant crater where it once stood. Glowing shards of the crater are also scattered around the area, letting players “lift off with low gravity.” This should help to keep Battle Royale matches more interesting for those who play them for hours on end each day — which seems to be most of society right now.

The launch of Season 4 comes with the Season 4 Battle Pass, which includes additional cosmetic items, but for those interested in player-versus-environment “Save the World” Fortnite, there’s plenty for you to enjoy, as well. The game’s “Blockbuster Event,” dubbed “Origin Story,” has you investigating the comet with the help of the characters Spitfire and Lok, and when you kill enemies in the mode, they’ll have a chance to drop loot as well as crafting resources and ammunition. More powerful mini-bosses can also drop a “Cache,” which can contain a weapon schematic or storm evolution materials, and they’re opened when you complete a mission.

A number of new abilities and sub-classes have been added to Save the World, as well. These include the Mythic Soldier “Raven” sub-class “Nevermore,” which screams like a banshee and uses dual-wielded pistols, as well as the Ninja sub-class “Piercing Lotus,” which uses a spear as well as poison shuriken.

The update also adds the “military weapons set,” which contains the silenced Whisper 45 pistol, the Specter submachine gun, the Ground Pounder shotgun, the Crossbow, and the Bald Eagle heavy pistol. They can all be found in Blockbuster Llama crates.

Fortnite is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and iOS, with an Android release on the way. Only the Battle Royale mode is available on mobile platforms, but the game supports cross-play with most systems, so your progress is kept if you decide to switch.

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