Arcade co-op play returns April 10 with the ‘Overwatch’ Uprising seasonal event


Arcade co-op play returns April 10 with the ‘Overwatch’ Uprising seasonal event

overwatch uprising returns april 10

Blizzard has announced that Overwatch‘s next seasonal event is the cooperative Uprising brawl, which represents a return of the arcade-style romp that debuted last spring. The Uprising event kicks off on April 10. There’s no word yet on how long it will run, but if last year is any indication, expect Uprising to be available for about three weeks.

Like last year, Uprising visits a consequential moment in Overwatch history, seven years prior to the start of the game. Uprising showcases Tracer’s first mission at King’s Row in London, where she teamed up with other agents to fight off a group called the Null Sector Omnics. The King’s Row showdown occurred shortly before the Overwatch team disbanded. After the mission, all of the pertinent details were marked as classified and placed in the Overwatch archives.

Although Overwatch is steeped with lore, Uprising was the closest thing to a tangible story within the game when it debuted last year. Uprising gave us backstory on not just Tracer, but Torbjörn, Mercy, Reinhardt, and other heroes. It’s unclear if this year’s Uprising event will be a regurgitation of the stories we already know, or if there will be new nuggets of story for some of our favorite heroes.

Blizzard released a short teaser video on Twitter that indicates previously confidential records will be declassified. But it’s hard to say what that means exactly, given that this is still the King’s Row Uprising of last year.

If Uprising has the same rule set as last year, players will join up in teams of four to take on hordes of computer-controlled enemies. Four difficulty settings were available last year — normal, hard, expert, and legendary. The default heroes to choose from were Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, and Mercy, although an alternate rule set let users choose any of the game’s heroes.

Along with the arcade game mode, more than 100 loot box items will be up for grabs. Again, it’s unclear if new items will be introduced, or if we’ll simply see the same items from the first Uprising event.

Uprising follows on the heels of another Overwatch seasonal event, the Lunar New Year, which ran in February.

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