iOS 11.3 update lets you to turn off performance throttling on your iPhone


iOS 11.3 update lets you to turn off performance throttling on your iPhone

Apple announced its forthcoming iOS update, version 11.3. The update, expected in the spring, brings a number of exciting and essential updates for iPhone and iPad users, including new features to address battery life and throttling issues.

Battery and performance management

In January, Apple CEO Tim Cook told ABC News that a future iOS update would address battery health and throttling issues. With iOS 11.3, you can easily access battery health information in the settings. You can also disable the power management feature that can slow down devices with older batteries.

Animoji and augmented reality updates

Apple’s iOS 11.3 update also brings a few awesome updates for iPhone X owners. The update will include four new Animojis for iPhone X users.  A lion, bear, skull, and dragon will join the existing Animojis, bringing the total count to 16.

Improved augmented reality features are coming in iOS 11.3 as well. You can expect to see improvements when mapping irregularly shaped objects as well as the ability to place virtual objects on vertical surfaces.

In addition to overall improvements in mapping and placement, iOS 11.3 will include a feature that allows users to interact with 2D images such as signs and posters. While the details are still a little sketchy on this, it sounds similar to Google Lens.

Business Chat

If you dread making customer service phone calls, iOS 11.3 has a feature you will love. The next iOS update will now include a feature called Business Chat, where users can communicate directly with businesses via the Messages app. The feature will initially launch in beta and will include a handful of businesses including Lowes, Discover, Hilton, and Wells Fargo.

Health records

The Health app on iOS 11.3 will see some pretty big improvements as well. Apple announced iOS 11.3 will allow users to access their medical records. CNBC reports the feature will initially roll out to about a dozen hospitals across the country including Cedars-Sinai, John Hopkins Medicine, Penn Medicine, and the University of California, San Diego.

App updates

MacRumors reports iOS 11.3 features an improved App Store. The app will now allow you to sort reviews based on several criteria. You’ll be able to sort reviews in four categories: Most helpful, most favorable, most critical, and most recent.

9 to 5 Mac is reporting the iBooks app has been renamed to Books in iOS 11.3. An earlier report from Fortune stated Apple would be updating the app but did not provide a timeline for release. The new Books app will a simplified interface and features new sections including “Reading Now,” “Want to Read,” “Award Winners,” “Staff Picks,” and “Rave Reviews.”  The app also features a dedicated tab for audiobooks.

Apple Music is getting an update as well. In iOS 11.3, you will be able to watch music videos without ads and create music video playlists.

You’ll also see updates in the News app.  The updated app will feature a section of curated videos called “For You.” There will also be improvements to the “Top Stories” section.

Other features

Advanced Mobile Location (AML) support will also be added in IOS 11.3. This feature provides your location data to emergency personnel in cities that have the technology.

Update: Added information about App Store changes, AML update, and Books update.

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