Nokia 9 rumors hint the reinvigorated company is not finished with 2017 yet


Nokia 9 rumors hint the reinvigorated company is not finished with 2017 yet

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New Nokia 8 too small for your massive hands? Nokia may have a larger Nokia 9 model in the works.

Nokia has already launched several smartphones in 2017, including the Nokia 8, its most powerful phone to date. Rumors still persist it has a further device in the works, which is known as the Nokia 9, and it may be a larger, bezel-less version of the Nokia 8.

How can we be sure the Nokia 9 rumors aren’t just false Nokia 8 rumors? We can’t, but a quote from Nokia executives circulating after the Russian Nokia 8 launch event hints a larger screen Nokia phone is still to come, ready, “to meet the needs of absolutely all users.”

Nothing is certain, and the release date is unknown for now; but here’s all the information we’ve gathered about the Nokia 9 so far.


The Nokia 9 may have been confused with the Nokia 8 over the past months, and therefore many of the leaked images said to be the Nokia 9, turned out to be more representative of the Nokia 8. However, one image leaked back in April shows a schematic of what could be a larger device from Nokia, which may be the Nokia 9.

nokia 9

It’s intriguing because the design is bezel-less, unlike the Nokia 8, and therefore more in line with other 2017 flagship Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6. The image shouldn’t be taken as final, because when it was leaked, it was accompanied by a similar sketch for the Nokia 8, also with thinner bezels than the final version. This casts doubt over the accuracy of the Nokia 9 image.

That said, additional rumors suggest that the Nokia 9 will indeed feature an edge-to-edge 3D glass display, which means that it’ll be effectively without bezels. There will be no capacitive touch buttons, and is said to exclusively support navigation with virtual touch-buttons.


The Nokia 8 is the most powerful version of the new 2017 range of Android phones from the company. The Nokia 9 may share many of the same features, including the Snapdragon 835 processor, and dual-lens Zeiss camera. A version with 8GB of RAM has been seen on the Geekbench benchmarking website, but these results are easily faked.

Where the Nokia 9 may differ is in its screen size. The Nokia 8 is compact at 5.3 inches, and rumors suggest the Nokia 9 may have a 5.5-inch or even 5.7-inch screen. This fits in with the quotes attributed to Nokia from the Nokia 8 launch event, but shouldn’t be taken as official confirmation of the Nokia 9’s existence.

Recent rumors from Baidu also suggest that the Nokia 9 will have a 5.7-inch screen, with QHD resolution, and an OLED display. Wireless charging might also be part of the package.

Other features which have been mentioned in rumors include 128GB of internal memory, IP68 water resistance, and an iris scanner. We’d recommend treating all rumors regarding the Nokia 9’s specification as being speculation at best.


We don’t know when, or even if, the Nokia 9 will be released. Rumors suggest, however, that it could be priced at 749 euros (around $885). The Nokia 8 arrived in mid-August, and it seems unlikely Nokia will launch another device in the very near future. We’ll keep you updated with all the rumors.

Update: Further specs and a possible price are now part of the rumor mill. 

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