‘Gear.Club Unlimited’ brings realistic racing to the Nintendo Switch


‘Gear.Club Unlimited’ brings realistic racing to the Nintendo Switch

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It’s been years since Nintendo offered a realistic racing simulator on one of its consoles. Eden Games is eager to fill that gap.

Racing simulators are more realistic today than anyone ever thought possible, but the biggest and best titles are largely limited to Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Eden Games is bringing the action to the Nintendo Switch with a new game named Gear.Club Unlimited, scheduled to land on December 1.

It’s presented as the first and only serious racing simulator for the Switch, meaning you don’t need to drop a banana peel on a rainbow-esque track to win a race. Real-world tracks aren’t loaded into Gear.Club Unlimited, so players compete in virtual environments that mimic the climate conditions you’d find all over the globe. Some tracks let you go flat-out in the desert, where drifting is essential; others take you on twisty mountain roads. Motor1 reports over 400 races are possible on more than 200 tracks.

Gear.Club Unlimited is an extension of the Gear-Club — True Racing game available for iOS and Android devices. The short teaser video for the Nintendo Switch version whets our appetite with the sights and sounds of some of the most memorable sports cars in recent memory. We spotted a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series, a Nissan GT-R, a McLaren 675LT, and several RUF-tuned variants of the Porsche 911. There are also some older models, including a McLaren MP4-12C. This is your chance to find out how that storied model stacks up against the British company’s latest crop of performance cars.

Other cars available in the game include Alfa Romeo’s 4C and 8C Competizione, the Bugatti Veyron, the Nissan 370Z, Mercedes-AMG’s C63 S and GT S, and Chevrolet’s Camaro and Corvette sports cars.

Players can race on their own or take on their friends in a split-screen championship battle. It’s not just about racing, though. In order to win, players need to collect various cars and make modifications to each one. Eden Games explains that virtually every aspect of a car is customizable, including the engine’s output, the tires, and the body kit. Want more downforce? Just dial it in, though be warned the process of modifying a car might include in-game purchases.

Eden Games tells us Gear.Club Unlimited will arrive on December 1, so we expect it will show up on more than a few holiday wish lists.

Updated by Ronan Glon: Added release date, list of available cars, and new teaser video.

Published at Fri, 01 Sep 2017 11:15:59 +0000


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