Rumour: Galaxy S8 will come with a pair of wireless earphones


The next Galaxy flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8, will come with wireless earbuds. The company will probably take a note from Apple’s outing the iPhone 7.

But although the general public isn’t too thrilled about major smartphone makers ditching the headphone jack, unfortunately, they’re going without it anyway. In a bid to be as trendsetting as Apple, Samsung has decided to make their next flagship come with a pair of wireless earphones, according to a report by SamMobile

We are expecting the company to release its audio peripherals made by Harman is yet to be seen. We’d be surprised if they didn’t make use of that $8 billion acquisition. People might think that the IconX, Samsung’s answer to the AirPods, was just a clone. But the folks over at TechnoBuffalo beg to differ, saying that although the IconX is similar in terms of functionality and charging, but they are a tad bigger than the AirPods and can also be configured to work with other smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. They also speculate that the company might be offering the earphones on the side and not with the phone unit, so even if they should arrive, we might not be able to get them out of the box. And these earphones might cost between $150 to $200.

According to sources from PhoneArena however, Samsung is allegedly experimenting with different form factors and prototypes of the Galaxy S8. It’s safe to say for now, that the company might just be seriously considering it, but whether they will implement the technology just yet will be right now is uncertain.

The launch of the S8 is due in April. It could happen in time for the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. A lot of other phones like the Moto Z have done away with earphones as well and this somewhat disturbing trend is confusing buyers on whether they should opt for the latest flagship or not. Also, a little over 2-3 hours of usage from an earphone is extremely meek. Power users who’d like to put their flagship phones’ battery life to the test won’t get past the 50 percent mark if the earphones run out of charge.

Samsung, we hope you know what you’re doing.


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