The Honor VR Camera is for creating 360 degree videos


Huawei on Thursday announced a new virtual reality camera that supports 360-degree photos and videos. Simply named Honor VR, the camera is made in partnership with Insta360, a professional panoramic camera brand.

Coming a week ahead of the MWC, the Honor VR’s shooting specifications and highlights are not known as yet, except that it has two cameras with wide angle lens. It is likely that Huawei will showcase its new product at next week’s tech expo in Barcelona.

Reports state that the clip-on camera supports “3K photography” and even live streaming. With social media networks such as Facebook rapidly moving towards 360-degree video content, Huawei’s Honor VR and even Samsung’s Gear 360 will come in handy.

Samsung introduced its modish looking 360-degree camera at the MWC last year. It featured a dual fish-eye lenses with 15MP image sensors that could capture high-resolution 360-degree videos (3840×1920 pixels) along with 30MP still images.

The spherical camera can also capture 180-degree wide angle video and images with only using one side of the camera lens. It currently sells for $349.

As for Huawei’s Honor VR camera, from the images released to the public, we do know that there is a USB Type-C plug on the camera ball. We are not sure if it will work only on Huawei-branded phones or a range of others as well. There is also an app through which users can capture, share and live stream their 360-degree creations.

The appearance does resemble the Insta360 Pro that was announced at the last month’s CES tech expo. It was priced at a staggering $3000 and can shoot 8K 360 video, 6K 3D 360 video and live stream 4K video in real-time. The camera also features a VR timelapse mode and can capture 60-megapixel 360 3D stills in JPG and RAW formats.


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