Mylestone for Amazon Alexa can make a story based on your photos


Amazon’s Alexa voice-based technology has made its way into a range of products already. It offers endless potential for brands to transform customer experience. The latest to join the bandwagon is Mylestone, an app for Amazon Alexa that can curate stories based on family’s memories from the past and broadcast it.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the app can go through Facebook timelines, images, video and other relevant information to gather data and tell the story. The AI does this by studying the images, analysing the faces and the prominent landmarks where photos were taken. This is achieved using a sort of object recognition algorithm and for the objects that the AI is unable to recognize, Mylestone fills in the gaps.

If users want to know about a certain moment of themselves in the past they simply need to say something as simple as, “Alexa, tell me a memory about myself,” or something close and then Alexa will merge whatever its AI can find and bring it to the user in the form of a story, more or less something similar to what Facebook usually does when it makes those automated video stories between friends or on special occasions. The app will also reveal information and data found within the photo when it was taken such as date and time as well as geo-location if available. If there is something noticeable like a landmark in the image, the AI can associate a brief fact about it in relation to the story, making it that much more engaging.

Of course, the AI won’t be as accurate in finding stories and connecting the dots whenever required, so human-assisted information that can be taken to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle by identifying certain faces, certain objects and certain events. According to TechCrunch, the app will later be completely integrated with popular social media apps like Facebook Instagram and more, in order to scan them regularly and check for memories whenever required.

The company behind this – a start-up has seen a lot of ups and downs during development. It had acquired Heirloom – the photo-scanning app last year and built the Mylestone over that. This way, people will now know a lot more about a person’s past thanks to technology. Purely for family bonding and making the most memories, this novel app has some chops. It will be mainstream once it hits popular smart speakers and gains more traction to also then be adapted to devices like smartphones – where people would actually be able to share this on social.


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