Report: Apple iPhone 8 to have larger battery, small dimension


Apple is ensuring that the successor to the iPhone 7 does not exceed in size. Apart from the prevailing rumour that the iPhone 8 will come with an OLED panel, the device will now also come in the same dimensions as the iPhone 7 did, along with a 2700mAh battery.

The news comes fresh off the bat by everyone’s favourite Apple leakster Ming-Chi of KGI Securities. This means that the new battery will have 38 percent more battery capacity compared to the last generation, according to a report by Gear. Kuo had stated that there won’t be any breakthrough tech in the battery compartment in the coming years, the company is reducing the mainboard area through stacked SLP, which will allow for higher capacity batteries. This also means that the OLED iPhone will get to have the same screen real-estate as that of the iPhone 7’s at 4.7-inches.

Because of the OLED technology, the battery life will be significantly increased, owing to their energy efficient nature compared to TFT LCDs. Apparently, making a stacked mainboard will incur quite a bit of cost to the company, making the latest iPhone the most expensive we will be seeing when it launches. According to findings from Value Walk, since the next iPhone will probably not have any bezels on either side, it will easily be able to accommodate an even larger screen at 5.1/5.2-inches if needed. Essentially, we can assume that Apple wants to shrink the internals in order to make better externals. Samsung has already signed a contract with Apple for delivering 60 million OLED displays for the iPhone 8, so there won’t be any doubt that the phone will be packing the goodness of pure blacks and vibrant colours.

Digit reports that the stacked mainboard configuration will cost up to 80 percent in manufacturing costs. This means the new iPhone won’t just be expensive, but doubly expensive when it does come out. So while there will be three new models releasing this year, only the special anniversary edition being spoken about here will feature the revamped internal design and the OLED screen. The 7s and the 7s Plus will feature the regular LCD variety.

iPhone is fast losing its prominence in places like China – one of the largest consumers of the mobile market. The company hopes to explore the opportunity of redeeming itself to the Chinese through the new iterations of the iPhone.


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