Lenovo Miix 320 leaked: Will give other convertibles a run for their money at $229


Lenovo is all set to bring back its Miix convertible line at the MWC this year, with their new Miix 320. Offering portability, a complete Windows experience and a two-in-one interface, the Miix 320 is almost the dream budget convertible. Thanks to a leak, we now know what it will pack.

The Miix 320 has the same detachable design just like in the previous models in the line-up. The design essentially consists of a tablet which can be docked to a keyboard. The Miix 320 will reportedly come with Intel’s Atom chipsets, particularly the X5-Z8350 processor which comes with 2GB/4GB RAM options. On the display front, users can opt for either a 1280×800 resolution or a 1920×1080 resolution screen. At 10-inches, it will still look decent despite the display size.

Interestingly, keeping in with the times, the device will come with a USB Type-C port on the tablet part of the device, with two USB A-type ports on the keyboard section. It will also feature relocated speakers, now facing the front and the bottom of the tablet, as reported by Slash Gear. All-in-all, the specs aren’t eye-popping, but they will get the job done for the simplest tasks at least. The device will come with in-built storage of 64GB or 128GB and will be expandable via a microSD card slot. For this price, they’ve even managed to add a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front-facing one.

The battery life is claimed to last up to 10 hours of usage. There’s a micro-HDMI port built-in as well along with an optional add-on for LTE connectivity should users want the ultimate portable solution. The key specs here are the main take-aways. They are decent, but not very powerful. At the same time, the number of ports and the addition of stereo speakers along with the form-factor makes for a steal of a purchase at the starting price of $229.

As it makes its debut in Barcelona at the end of this month, it will be interesting to see how the competition will make their presence felt. For budgeteers, students and the general public, this device seems like a no-brainer to purchase. As a little sibling to the much more expensive Miix 720, the Miix 320 does not disappoint one bit. This is how far computing can go when pushed to the budget.


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