Rumor round-up on Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone


The Anniversary Edition of the iPhone that will be the next flagship to come out of Apple’s manufacturing line, is receiving some more bizarre rumors of late. From pricing to specifications to design, here’s everything we currently know of the supposed iPhone ‘X’.

It’s going to be pricey

The special 10th Anniversary Edition of the iPhone is touted to be the ultimate iPhone ever made and Fast Company has predicted that it will cost well over $1000 as Apple will be planning on giving it new themes along with some drastically new features compared to previous iterations. Also, the current most expensive iPhone costs just under the $1000 mark, i.e., the iPhone 7 Plus 256GB which sells for $969. Considering that rumors suggest the new iPhone will get a lot of new components to its body, it is no surprise that we will have to shell out a lot more for getting the best from Apple.

It will have a radically different screen

That’s right. Apple might be shifting away from its trusted Retina display to a more efficient and more exuberant display like the OLED displays we are used to seeing on Samsung’s flagships. It’s also been heavily rumored to have a much larger display panel this time around, being about 5.8 inches. Other reports suggest that it would feature edge-to-edge screen, as well as a curved panel design. If Apple does go the OLED route, it will definitely be for the better, as it could improve battery and display as well.

Separate releases

While Apple usually will be prepping the successor to the 7 series of its iPhone line-up with the ‘S’ badge, reports claim that the Anniversary Edition will be given a separate release along with the running successor to the iPhone 7, which will probably not have the same features as the Anniversary Edition. They will probably feature the same screen sizes as the original with the same display technology, but with beefier specs. How true this is, is yet to be seen and confirmed, but the internet is almost certain that this will be the case this year – we might get three iPhones instead of just two.

A completely new design

The all-new design of the iPhone is expected to have the FaceTime front-facing camera, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and earpiece all embedded into the screen, owing to the edge-edge display. Which also means no home button. How well Apple will be able to facilitate this is yet to be seen. This rumor out of all the existing ones should be taken with a little pinch of salt, since it does still seem highly unlikely that Apple would make a move like this on their devices. Most Android phones still are to explore this, so it would be a stretch to consider Apple would do something on those lines. However, a curved glass back is not out of the cards, since the smartphone maker did have earlier iterations of the iPhone with glass backs. This could also be taken as an homage to previous versions of the iPhone that will be represented on the Anniversary Edition of the iPhone. It’s also been rumored that the company would switch to using stainless steel other than aluminium for construction of the body.


The most important part of the phone, the processor, could come with the A11 chip, which is supposed to be built on the 10nm process. Memory could also get a boost, we aren’t sure whether it will refer to the RAM configuration or the storage space, but one of those could get a significant bump.


Dual lens and 3D technology seem to be on the cards for the Anniversary Edition of iPhone as rumors suggest that Apple will use one of its cameras for face recognition. This seems like a likely move for Apple to make, since AR and VR have already taken the industry by storm, now would be the best time for Apple to join the fray and make those features available on the Anniversary Edition of the iPhone.

Wireless Charging

According to popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, all three new iterations of the iPhone released this year could come with wireless charging. This also means that the phone will have an overheating issue to overcome, considering it could possibly feature an all glass outer-body. Remember the ill-fated but beautiful looking Nexus 4?

The rumors are making the wait for the new iPhone a lot less bearable, but all the more exciting to look forward to. If they decide on bringing back the headphone jack though, then we can look forward to some real innovation.


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