Destiny 2 news: Release date, story and features you should know


Currently one of the best MMOs out there, Destiny has got for itself a huge fan base and quite a reputation for single-handedly shifting users to more console-centric games. The shooter game has a huge and diverse world, with some exemplary DLCs, with more coming up soon. But the anticipation for a sequel could not come any sooner. The internet is running amok, searching for answers. Here are some of the details that are doing the rounds regarding the future of the franchise. Let’s attempt to simplify those rumours.

The Name

This one is a little tricky. All that the developer Bungie has shown its audience till now is that there will be a second game coming. But what it will be called has not been revealed. Long-time fans were speculating that it would be called Destiny 2: Shattered Suns. Another name that popped up was Destiny 2: Forge of Hope. None of those seem to stand however, since they have both been turned down by the official developers of the game. Perhaps just the ‘2’ will stick on the name?


Some might have criticized the original Destiny’s storyline to be a little fragmented and a little unclear in terms of the objective. But this time around, they are trying to build a richer experience for players. Some think that the story will be a follow up to the ‘Taken King’ DLC – which focused on the Cabal forces and their onslaught on the guardian’s city, which will probably lead to the guardian facing the leader of the Cabal in the end of the game. This all seems quite exciting as it ties in with the events of the original and makes for a great way to continue the saga through existing characters. However, this is most likely just a hunch that players have and will probably not be seen materialize in the forthcoming sequel. We can hope, though.


Bungie has a long-standing reputation of building monumental hype while releasing its previous games from the Halo franchise, as was with Destiny’s release. Destiny 2 seems no different. But they might have no choice about releasing it on time as Activision had previously confirmed – that the game will release on the fall of 2017.

This is because if Bungie does not release the game on the prescribed timeframe that they had already promised, Activision will then be able to acquire a majority of the developer’s stocks for themselves, making Bungie no longer an independent company. We will then definitely be seeing it hit the shelves officially on the Fall of 2017.

AAA titles like Destiny 2 will have a lot of coverage during the E3 that’s coming up this year. The publishers have always been for announcements and releases during the expo and this year shouldn’t be any different. Considering that the developer is also well-known for making delays to its upcoming titles, it will be nice to see that they are sticking to their original plan for now. Only time will tell whether those rumours will actually be true.


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