Amazon’s popular Dash buttons now go virtual on Amazon’s app and desktop


Amazon’s earlier iteration of its Dash buttons, which were physical buttons that buyers could use to instantly reorder certain supplies and produce, will now be available as digital buttons on Amazon’s very own homepage.

According to TechCrunch, Amazon will be adding these virtual buttons to their app and website interface. It’ll let users buy the products that the Dash buttons represent, like diapers, paper towels, medicine, groceries, household items, pet supplies and much more. The buttons were first experimented by Amazon as physical hardware buttons for buyers whenever they needed to restock on important diminishing supplies. It was first launched in 2015 and till now, it has been expanded to accommodate more than 200 brands – from crackers to condoms.

The problem with these physical buttons is that they’ll be all over the house, with there already being so many devices nowadays that are being cluttered around on tables. So Amazon decided to make them more accessible inside the Amazon app and website. The buttons do save time between manually having to go and select the products.

The digital Dash buttons will be available only for Prime members. The buttons will appear automatically for the Prime customers that have frequently made purchases in the past. Users will be able to add any number of Dash buttons for tons of goods by Amazon and they can also delete as many as they like. The orders can be shipped for free and can also be cancelled within thirty minutes. It’s great for those impulse purchases whenever the groceries need to be done. Amazon has so far had a net income of over $252 million last year until September – a notable improvement over its $79-million before that.

The Dash buttons are only going to be making a lot more money for the brand and people will get to easily book themselves new products. The new Dash buttons program went live on Thursday and is on-going. We’re not sure exactly whether it’ll also include international customers as well, but hopefully it should.


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