New Leica M10 with mechanical ISO is out, and it’s not cheap


Leica has just announced the new M10 rangefinder camera that will be an addition to the popular and very expensive M series line-up from the company. It’s made to pack a lot of features, but in the body that the M7 and other smaller sized cameras.

This time around the M10 is the same size as the M7 and is mirrorless. It’s got a new ISO-adjustment mechanical dial, letting users directly adjust their ISO preferences the way they like, without having to go through any long-listed menus. This sort of retains the traditional Leica experience, which has always been appreciated and loved by photographers.

The M10 will contain a 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor that’s driven by Leica’s Maestro II image processor. This way, the camera can shoot faster, get better dynamic range on photos as well as a boost in ISO range that will begin at 100 and max out at 50,000. It’s a similar sensor to the one that’s used in the Leica Q. And keeping with the tradition of all Leica cameras, the M10 too doesn’t do video at all. But is that a deal breaker?

The camera now has better field of view. It’s increased by thirty percent, and a higher 0.73X magnification. It also has better range for adjustment for those of us who wear glasses and shoot. The viewfinder is also turn-able. It’s even possible to use the electronic view finder accessory by Leica. According to Gadgets 360’s analysis of the camera, the M10 also comes with its own app called the Leica M-App. The can connect to Wi-Fi so it can be shared to the user’s smartphone and be ready for social media sharing. Thanks to the app, the camera can also be remotely controlled by a smartphone so one gets left out in the photo, most probably the photographer.

The camera has a 2GB of buffer memory so it can shoot five frames per second. It’s also got a GPS module in-built for those location tags. It’s also got Leica’s famous Loupe function which allows for better positioning and better sharpness. The CEO of Leica, Oliver Kaltner feels like the M series is the soul of the series of the brand. So how much do we pay for this photographical marvel? It’s available for purchase at the price of $6,495.

For a modern-day camera that doesn’t support video and yet, can share images to social media and be remote controlled, it doesn’t seem like the most appealing option out there.


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