Google Maps to offer important parking information


Google Maps may soon incorporate a nifty feature that will show parking availability at public locations. This comes thanks to a beta version which is currently going through testing by users, according to a report by Phone Arena.

The new beta version of the app, currently at 9.44 is only available to a select number of users. Google had previously been working on a parking solution last year and it has now made its way into the beta phase of the app. The new feature will let the user plan their trips to destinations so that they know whether it’s a good place to park or not.

How Google Maps does this is by showing different indicators to users on the screen in the form of a small ‘P’ next to the duration estimate. It will be mentioned whether the parking in that area will be easy, medium or limited. And if it is limited, the ‘P’ symbol becomes red. Users will be able to gather some more information about the parking scene, but nothing else much apart from whether there’s space or not.

Android Police, in their report, had extensively used the beta version of the app and have found that the information shown will be made mostly available for important public places like airports, malls and public attractions. While it is in beta mode, the option isn’t made live for everyone yet. It’s like a beta within a beta. Since it’s only a trial, users won’t be able to tell whether this feature will be available only in the US and whether it’s location specific. We aren’t sure if other people around the world have received the update as well. Maybe Google is just trying to get its parking feature grounded in the States first and then move on to different countries?

Granted, if this does get a lift off soon, it’ll be a saviour during those rush hour mornings and those weekend family outings. Google is finally trying to make the world a better place by solving the clutter problem on the roads.


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