The Xiaomi Mi 6 will come in three flagship variants at mid-spec prices


Xiaomi’s Mi 5 was an instant success for the Chinese phone maker and they’re trying to make their next just as successful. Even the Mi Mix was a great release that pushed the boundaries of cutting edge. The Mi 6 this time around, is touted to come with three different variants. And although we all saw the live pictures of the phone released a few months ago, there will actually be three versions of the phone.

The three variants will contain some key differences between each other and will come with different pricing points as well. According to a report by GSMArena, first up, will be one variant that will feature the Helio X30 processor and will come at a price tag of $290. The second variant will come with the latest Snapdragon processor – the 835 with a price tag of $360. The third and most expensive of all three will retain the Snapdragon processor along with a curved display priced at $434.

Considering that the three variants are all very capable phones and when they are out, they will likely be able to stand up to their competition quite fairly and also probably get a win over the major players, thanks to the pricing. According to what has been revealed, we can probably assume that these phones will at least come with 4GB of memory and could get a boost of 6GB or 8GB of memory depending on the variant. The screen could be anywhere between an FHD or QHD display upwards of 5.5-inches, possibly. The Mi Mix was a great looking phone with an incredible screen, so we won’t be surprised if they try to make this one a little light on the bezels as well. Android Headlines suspects that Xiaomi will probably fit the new variants with AMOLED screens

As far as the release date goes for these phones, there’s a good chance the company might release their newest flagships during the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. That’s when all details will finally be revealed, hopefully, along with release dates and availability.

Though we only know the CPU configurations of the phones, we can already say that they will be one among the best performing and cheaper phones of 2017. The X30 is Mediatek’s newest processor flagship and so is the Snapdragon 835 for Qualcomm. Although the Helio is cheaper, it’s still no slouch and will fit well on a phone like the Mi 6. It’s going to be a great deal no matter how the other specification look.


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