Redux: This tool can can bring your wet phone back to life


Redux is a solution for those wet phones that found their way to a watery grave. It can bring them back to life by drying them out completely, though vacuum-based suction and drying.

The device is currently in its eighth generation now and is made of polycarbonate and is the size of a printer. The glass that’s encasing it is the same as the ones used in bulletproof sheets for windows. There’s also a bed inside for the phone which allows it to rest as the drying process takes its course. According to Digital Trends, this dryer works by making a vacuum-powered heater that reduces the air pressure inside the box and removing all the moisture from within the chamber.

By doing this, the boiling point of water is brought down, enabling the water molecules to evaporate. In standard conditions, by using the regular temperature at which water boils without the vacuum, the phone itself would melt. That’s the magic of this chamber. Essentially, they are using traditional technology (established in 1940s) to eliminate the modern problem of the 21st century, enabling users save a lot more money than they would by otherwise having to send their devices for service.

In its newest iteration, the Redux can now measure analytics such as the type of phone used, how long it took to dry as well as the level of moisture contained in the box. It can send all this data to a Bluetooth paired device. The entire drying process takes about 25 minutes and the end result, most of the time – well, 85 percent of the time – results in a working smartphone.

It’s a great device for solving the problem of water logged but it isn’t a device that’s available for consumer purchase because of its expensive manufacturing costs. In a report by the Chicago Tribune, the company is partnering with cellphone carriers to fit them inside their stores for repairing damaged phones. Diagnostics will run for $10 while a complete drying will be charged a little extra.

Because the Redux does a very good job at drying, smartphones won’t be the only thing it can be applied on. It’ll also be making variants for different industries, for different tools and appliances as well, like hearing aids, wrenches, keys and other items.


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