7 Upcoming Smartphone Cases Spotted at CES 2017


The CES 2017 may have shown the best tech available right now. But it was also a showcase for the accessory makers too. As much as phones, the phone cases were all the rage. There were a few standouts that are worth mentioning. Here is a list of the seven most notable phone cases that were shown off at the CES expo this year, and ones that will embrace the best flagships’ backs until the next CES at least.

Incipio is a much-needed case for the iPhone 7. It’s the 2-in-1 solution for the iPhone that offers charging as well as a headphone jack to connect the traditional earbuds that everyone used to miss. It’s a bit pricey, but for $60, it’s completely worth it.

The Lifeproof case lives up to its name. The case will protect phones encased in it from drops, fires, water, dust and snow. It’s a little bulky and adds a bit of weight to the phone, obviously, but it’ll be well protected and give the phone some more life. Especially after having just bought that new iPhone and realizing that it’s not crack-proof, this is quite a consideration. The case will set users back by a massive $90. Too bad it isn’t wallet-proof.

UAG has been known for making some great cases for rugged use. Its military-grade cases for iPhone are now available in a ton of new colours and materials and offer that much needed tough-user look. It’s not going to break the bank too and actually looks good while still keeping the utility in check.

Lumee Duo
The Lumee Duo is fitted with two strips of LED lighting that’s perfect for getting the right amount of glow to people during darkly lit photos. The LEDs are on the front and the back of the case for selfies and photos as well. It’s available only for Apple however, and will cost $70.

Elite Smartcase
The Elite Smartcase is a good concept. What it does is take the modular approach that was once applied to smartphones in the dark age of 2016 – a very unfortunate approach that didn’t really do well for a lot of phones, and have made it into a much more bearable concept. It’s essentially a case with magnetic mods for users to attach mods like an extra battery pack or a projector, much like the Moto Z. It’s a great concept for phones that more cases should adopt, really.

The mJoose is a $129 case that makes the phone a super phone. It extends battery life by 100 percent, reduces radiation by 70 percent and also boosts connectivity by one hundred-fold. It’s a pretty good buy for those who can afford a case that’s the cost of a phone itself.

Zee Smart Case
A little outlandish in looks, the Zee Smart Case provides some extra storage and extra battery power along with a powerful LED light too.


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