Hair Coach is a ‘smart’ brush to track hair health and care routine


When everything is turning ‘smart’ in this era of tech, why not your hair brush too? The makers behind the first ever smart hair brush, the Hair Coach – Kerastase and Withings want to change how regular hair brushes work.

A smart hair brush to track and improve hair health over time.

A smart hair brush to track and improve hair health over time.

What does it do?

It’s a very unusual requirement, to have a smart hair brush. Quite surprisingly, the features of the Hair Coach will more than answer that question. Counting the number of strokes while users brush their hair, finding the quality and the health of the hair as well as sensing if the hair is conditioned or dry or even damaged, the Hair Coach can do it all. This is, for the most part, thanks to a ton of sensors attached to the brush. All this information will come by way of its own app so users can collect that information and take notes as well as tips from the app to better care for their hair.

There’s also an accelerometer so that the app knows exactly which part of the head is being combed, whether the bristles are touching the head or the hair and whether the hair brush is reaching the roots or just the end of the bottom. By doing so, the brush will provide feedback to the app and study how the user combs, allowing the app to analyze and offer assistance by suggesting better methods to take care of the hair. The app will also sense if there is humidity or other natural causes affecting the hair, the app will let the user know the right products to use to avoid having a bad hair day.

What also makes the brush smart is the haptics, which help notify the user if they’re brushing too hard or softly at their locks.

What’s it made of?

Looks-wise, it’s like any other normal brush, and consists of plastics, boar bristles and nylon. This is said to be a good combination because it’s easy on the hair and also allows for a smooth detangling without the pain. The handle and the paddle are made of plastic. The handle is also a little flat so that users have a firm hold and it feels comfortable.

As far as the app design is concerned, it’s slick and easy to manoeuvre. The user will have to fill out a form for the profile of their hair, covering the extent of curliness, oiliness, applied dye and other such questions. The app will learn the users’ hair caring habits, like regular hair conditioning and how often they wash their hair. It’ll also set appointments with hair stylists for the users.

The best part about this is that the hairbrush does not require any charging and that it’s a great pal for getting the best hair one can have. The worst part is the price and the fact that very few will actually have the need for such a novel product.


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