Razer’s Project Valerie is a gaming laptop with three G-SYNC monitors


Razer just unveiled the world’s first laptop designed for multi-monitor immersive gaming under the codename Project Valerie at CES this year.

Project Valerie consists of three individual G-SYNC monitors – all in a single body of a laptop. Each of the monitors in the laptop is a 17.3-inches and are 4K IGZO displays with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC for smooth framerates and viewing angles up to 180 degrees. This is officially the largest amount of screen real-estate ever fitted into a single laptop.

According to Razer’s press release, Project Valerie uses its own screen deployment mechanism that was specifically designed by the company. The two screens slide out from either side of the main screen, adjusting into place and making it simple enough for users to deploy it themselves. Essentially, the built-in screens allow for much cleaner multi-screen set ups without the hassle for cables and wires being tangled.

Project Valerie is built atop a Razer Blade Pro and comes with Razer’s low-profile lighting solution for developers – Chroma for altering the lighting effects of the keyboard and trackpad. So in case a character’s life is on the low side, users can configure the LEDs on the keyboard to emit with blinking orange or red lights or anything really. There are so many applications for this application, really.

The colour accuracy on the monitors is something of a dream, with the screens offering up to 100 percent Adobe RGB colour accuracy. The unibody is a CNC frame that’s 1.5 inches thin and weighs just about 12 pounds – a real record for a monster laptop with three monitors. Valeries is, of course VR ready and will come with a GTX 1080. That’s a given, since if the laptop can churn out content on three screens, then VR shouldn’t be a problem at all.

The build looks sleek enough, just a little thicker than most laptops out there, but definitely a very possible consideration for those serious enough to make the switch. Razer has made it easier for gamers and portable electronics to push the boundaries of taking their devices anywhere without losing out on experience. Razer’s made a very compelling case for itself by introducing the world’s first portable multi-monitor concept and it seems like a very realistic and very useful concept – one that will be adopted once it becomes official.

Right now, it’s just a prototype, but everyone around the internet and those who have managed to check it out hope that Razer brings this soon to shelves. They’re at the very cutting edge and they’re quite sensible in reaching that edge too, something that most other companies aren’t.


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