Bose Hearphones is for better directional sounds


Popular audio brand Bose has launched a new pair of in-ear noise-cancelling earphones.

The Bose Hearphones is unique in a way that it will help you reduce noise for everything except that which is near you.

“Directional microphones help you focus on conversations in noisy places,” states the product’s description posted on the website. “Focus, amplify or reduce real-world sounds to the level you want.”

The Hearphones make use of the active noise reduction technology to cancel all background noise and focus on conversations. The earphones also come with an app to customize sound.

App presets let you save specific audio settings and turn down distractions in noisy environments. You can control the volume, treble, select from various modes and choose the direction to focus.

No details on the pricing and availability has been announced yet. We’ll update as and when we get more info.


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