Touch Surgery, a simulation app to experience surgical environments


Simulation apps are going to be the future of all training professions. We already know how effective flight simulation and playing Call of Duty help the military, but then there’s also the new surgeon simulator that puts the user in the shoes of a surgeon.


Touch Surgery is a simulation app for surgeries available on iOS and Android. Usually, such simulations require complex software and hardware that costs a lot of money. The app puts all that into an easier, more cost-efficient package. It features computer generated graphics rather than video streaming, with everything being shown in real-time. Usually, videos are not very practical and people often forget what the video says.

Touch Surgery puts everything on the face of the user and guides them through the procedures. Users can also understand various techniques in an accessible way. It’s informative for those who aren’t even in the medicine field and provides some valuable insight into what it’s like for those who are out there saving lives and how delicate of a procedure it is. It also provides users with the assurance that if they happen to get surgeries, they’ll actually know what happens. They’ll also be better prepared if they’re going in for one in the near future.

The best thing about this app is that it’s completely free and has some brilliant visuals. It’s already got 1.5 million users around the world. There are a total of 75 procedures available as downloadable content although it’ll require a bit of space on the phone. And it’s still all free, so we’re getting a lot of value for no money here. It’s almost a crime, really. The number of procedures available will grow in time and provide more surgeries as the database grows.

“We have made a huge amount of progress with our apps and over 1.5 million users worldwide. It means we already have the world’s largest digital surgical community. We are operating on a completely different scale to other surgical training solutions … We have spent the last few years truly understanding surgical procedures – how they are done and how surgeons make decisions in the operating room,” Touch Surgery co-founder Andre Chow explains. “Our goal is to step back into the operating room and apply our technology to aid the operative environment.”

This is an app that should be a must-download for those in the field of medicine.


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