Turn your regular MacBook into a Pro with Touch Pad app


Apple devices are having a pretty busy week, with the new iOS update and perhaps a new wearable in the works, here’s another reason why Apple fans should be happy – Touché.

After the release of the new MacBook Pro, everyone wants to get their hands on their own little touch bar. It worked like a wonder on the original device, and it doesn’t seem fair for the others who aren’t as lucky to be able to afford the new Apple MacBook Pro, right?

So, the developers at Red Sweater made their own non-touch Touch Pad for those of us who don’t have the luxury. Basically, it puts the interface of the Touch Pad on the main screen of the laptop so people can find the use the same as it is on the original MacBook Pro. It can be toggled on or off thanks to a keyboard shortcut and exactly mimics how it appears on the MacBook Pro – size, function, look and everything.

Before installing Touché however, the user needs to have macOS Sierra 10.12.1, but with the build that supports the Touch Bar. It won’t work with any other build, unfortunately. But users can update and then use the app with no troubles if they haven’t updated to the latest version already. Functionally, it acts like the extra row above the keyboard when we usually type messages on our phone – offering suggestions, providing emoji that we could add to the conversation and so on. Other desktop oriented apps allow users to quickly scroll through photos and even lets users access the function keys separately.

It’s a free solution for those Touch Pad woes, but in terms of actual convenience and usability, it’s a bit of a hit or miss actually. The Touch Pad by itself is a new hardware addition to the MacBook and seeing it on the main screen doesn’t really make the MacBook any more usable. We can’t really miss what we didn’t have in the first place, right?

But the app itself has received mixed reviews up until now. So it’s probably doing something right!


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