SwiftKey adds Incognito mode in latest update


A new update from SwiftKey has brought out bug fixes and enhancements to the table. SwiftKey is a free keyboard app operational in more than 100 languages. It is used on a reported 300 million devices.

The Microsoft-owned company has added a new QWERTZ Swiss French layout, besides also a QWERTZ extended layout for Swiss German and Swiss Italian.

Other major update is a new Incognito Mode for the keyboard. The new mode, according to Phandroid, will temporarily stop SwiftKey from learning words and phrases while it’s active.

The feature apparently was on beta since early October. The latest update makes it public on all devices. You can download the new version of SwiftKey for Android from the Google Play store. If you have it already installed, ensure all the updates have been installed.

Just last month SwiftKey added AI-powered predictions for Spanish, French and German. The feature will predict the next word a user is likely to type in using a neural network-powered AI algorithm. Support for seven new languages also was added. They included Sindhi Pakistan, Pashto, Scottish Gaelic, Uyghur, Chuvash, Chechen and Bashkir.


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