Galaxy S8 rumor roundup: A new AI Assistant, larger screen & no buttons


The hangover from the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge hasn’t yet died, and already the hype over the upcoming Galaxy S8 has arrived. Here’s everything we can expect from Samsung’s next flagship.

Bixby/Viv AI Assistant
Samsung is providing a lot of fuel for anticipation, claiming that their upcoming assistant on their new S line will be the smartest ever. S-Voice was one thing, but this is going to change the game. Compared to Siri and Google’s Assistant, Bixby/Viv promises to learn from the user’s requests and usage patterns. Samsung is also planning on applying this to their home appliances as well, which means much like Alexa, the phone could also control various home appliances too! Seeing as Viv was already under development through Viv Labs, Samsung’s acquisition of the company means that it’s going to be ready to take-on the AI game next year.

No More Buttons
We’ve always known the S-line to come with the signature home button and the side controls. But this time around, Samsung’s decided to put a stop to making anything protrude from the device, if it isn’t a camera sensor. This means, Samsung could possibly be making a button-less Galaxy S8. It could introduce a button for directly activating the assistant, but apart from that, rumor-mills say that the other physical buttons could be replaced by touch-sensitive ones.

The Display
Samsung is also expected to go ahead and make the S8 a curved display on both edges, just like the Note 7 was. So there won’t be a flat-screen panel anymore. We’re not sure how the public will cope with the change if it actually does come into fruition. But it should be launching in two variants – a 5.1-inch screen and a 5.7-inch display. And sources have also found out that the two devices are codenamed Dream and Dream2.

A New Fingerprint Sensor
Well, not as much as an absence of a one. Samsung might be thinking of integrating the fingerprint sensor into the display, which isn’t a really far-off concept, seeing as CrucialTec and Synaptics have both introduced their own under-the-glass scanner designs.

Better Charging
The wireless charging capabilities of the S7 and S7 Edge were record-breaking and Samsung are rumored to outdo themselves again, this time with a 3-coil wireless charging design. This should improve charging range and efficiency on the device. This could mean a revamp in design of the S8 body. But either way, a redesign could spell good news, since the current design scheme has been dragged along for quite a few years now.

Of course, the phone will receive the latest and greatest Exynos Chips and Snapdragon chips that will release at the time of the S8’s arrival. And memory will definitely receive an improvement, although there hasn’t been anything concrete regarding those claims as of now.

All in all, seems like a great device to look forward to. 2017 couldn’t come sooner.


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