You can now stream and upload HDR content on YouTube


YouTube today added support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) content for better picture quality, richer colors, and improved contrast.

It was during CES 2016 in January that YouTube first announced support for HDR. With smartphones and televisions now catching up to the the innovation in video, it was right time for YouTube to step in.

“Today we are adding support for HDR videos on YouTube. HDR videos have higher contrast, revealing precise, detailed shadows and stunning highlights with more clarity than ever. Support for wide color gamut means colors are more vibrant,” YouTube wrote in a blogpost.

It said starting today users can watch YouTube videos in HDR on supported devices, such as HDR TVs with the new Chromecast Ultra. And for those whose device doesn’t yet support HDR, YouTube said videos will play in standard dynamic range.

Video creators must have HDR metadata in the codec or container to be played back as HDR videos on YouTube. The uploading process will be the same as normal video upload. YouTube supports all resolutions and will auto-convert HDR video to SDR videos when necessary.

YouTube has compiled a playlist of HDR videos for the launch from creators such as MysteryGuitarMan, Abandon Visuals and Jacob + Katie Schwarz.


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