Logitech’s new SmartDock enhances Skype for Business experience


Video conferencing in business has relied on Skype as their mode of communication. Logitech has added a new dimension to this experience with its SmartDock.

This device is designed in collaboration with Microsoft and is a hardware solution designed to make Skype easier to use in conference rooms and meeting rooms.

The easy-to-use touch-screen console instantly turns a Surface Pro 4 into a centralized communication hub. It has a secure mounting system that acts as a computer to run the Skype for Business software. The mount can swivel 180 degrees so everyone in the room can easily access the screen control.

“Logitech is delighted to be first to market with SmartDock, which will be available later this year. We’ve collaborated with Microsoft for many years to deliver high-quality, easy-to-use, devices that provide a top-notch audio and video collaboration experience,” the technology company said in a release.

Just what sets the Smart Dock apart?
Sheer convenience, ease of use and far neater result are some of the parameters that help SmartDock to score over the conventional Skype video/ audio conference call.

Talk of convenience and that can be gauged from the fact that you can connect with employees under the same roof or even with remotely placed employees or even connect two rooms in different buildings.

In addition, the SmartDock will come with additional ports so that the Surface Pro 4 can be plugged in for power, or for USB devices, and/or HDMI.

With all these high tech features, it cannot come cheap, you’ll agree. Logitech has priced it at $599, with a SmartDock Extender Box retailing for $249. It will also be sold as part of a Skype Room
Systems package.

The Smart Dock is expected to be available later this year.


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