Podo, the Bluetooth stick-and-shoot camera, is back on Kickstarter


Not a lot of portable cameras come as cheap and flexible as the Podo. The Podo lets users stick it up on any surface – vertical and horizontal, and take that impossibly great selfie when it’s needed.

Of course, it’s a brand no one has heard of just yet, but the Podo started life in Kickstarter and has also reached its goal of $50,000 funding, now amounting up to more than $200,000! It’s a fairly simple camera solution however, some sticky power at the base and some swivel action topped with some LEDs and voila!

This version is better than last year’s attempt, and is also a lot cheaper, now being sold at $49. And this time, it’s a step ahead– better camera, better sensors, better connectivity and better functionality. It’s got 5 Megapixels of photographic precision, enough for social media sharing, 720p video recording at a proper 30fps and an internal memory of 8GB. It has a built in battery chargeable via USB.

The device makes photography truly fun again. Perhaps the next level to come after a selfie. Because who wants to see an extended hand cover a portion of the frame all the time? This way, photos are a lot roomier, everyone can get in the photo. The highlight of the camera is that it gets connected to the smartphone instantly, so there’s no hassle for sharing between the devices thanks to Bluetooth connectivity.

The adhesive on the base is sticky enough to latch on to and it doesn’t lose its stickiness. It can be reused as well. Just rinsing the base after use brings back the adhesive quality of the device. The camera comes with its own app for control and has multiple modes on offer like time lapses, perfect for getting that ever elusive crowd bustling shot. It’s also got a pretty neat booth mode that makes photos look like they’ve come out of a photo booth.

Now there are a ton of accessories that Podo offers to its buyers for a few extra bucks through its Kickstarter page. But they’re all useful additions and some are pretty important too – like the extra adhesive pads and the carrying case. We think Podo offers great convenience at an affordable price and is definitely something that should be made widely available to the international market. But for now, this Kickstarter success will enjoy life as being a breakout star in the mobile photography segment.


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