Google reportedly working on its first laptop featuring ‘Andromeda’ OS


All dreams of finally getting to see a legit Google laptop is coming true, this October. Forget Chrome OS or Remix OS, or any other OS that thinks they’re an official Google port for an Operating System. Google is going to bring to us ‘Andromeda’.

Speculations are rife that Andromeda will be the love child of Android and Chrome OS and should run all the apps from Play Store, but in a proper PC build, with PC specs… rather laptop specs. And given that Google is expected to launch two new Pixel phones on October 4, it can be assumed that the search giant will also be announcing its new laptop and OS – making the ecosystem complete on all platforms.

And it’s about time they did. How long were they expecting Android to run on every other electronic device, from media players, to consoles, to phones and tablets until they realized to actually make a PC-worthy Operating System.

Google seems to think that now would be a right time to start making their own laptops by doing just what Microsoft did with the Surface. It should sport a nifty 12.3”-inch screen, with either an Intel m3 (seen on the MacBook) or a more capable i5 processor. Storage might be covered with 32GB or 128GB of space which isn’t exactly convenient if we’re talking about some serious portable working solution, but these are still speculations. It will all run with a smooth 8-16GB of RAM depending on the variant and the device as a whole should top at 10mm thickness. The device will come with its own tablet mode and also will be fitted with a stylus that we’re hoping takes a page off of Samsung’s impeccable Note stylus.

Some also speculate that it will come with two USB C-Type ports, a fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers and a battery that should last the laptop up to 10 whole hours. Of course, there will be a headphone jack too. The keyboard probably will be a backlit one and its glass trackpad might feature something similar to MacBook’s force touch and haptic feedback. But we’ll take all these specifications with a grain of salt for now.

As of now, there’s only rumours and speculations to go by. Once the laptop is even revealed in October, it will still not be available until later in 2017 – Q3 2017 to be exact. So the specifications could change depending on the technology that comes out by then.

But the Pixel and the laptop and Andromeda aren’t the only things Google wants to announce this year. Google plans to also release an upgrade to Chromecast, a new WiFi Router and an Amazon Echo competitor called Google Home.

Seems like this year is going to be pretty busy for the largest tech giant in the world. And as it should, seeing as every other company out there is taking the next big step towards domination of the personal space. And in a market where a majority uses Google in some format or platform, it’s imperative that they be inside an ecosystem for deeper integration. We’d like to see how Google plans its course for the coming years.

Whether the laptop will be called Bison, Pixel 3 or anything else isn’t confirmed yet, but let us hope it is worth the wait.


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