Woojer takes virtual reality to the next level with Vest


Time was when headphones made listening to music a real experience and the sight of a smiling, head banging, charged look on your face made heads turn.

It looks as if that is passé and VR is taking people’s experience to a dizzy height. Talk of a mind boggling trip into VR and the wearable Woojer vest is your best bet. Woojer’s Vest sends vibrations into your chest and back, letting you feel the virtual worlds you’re in.

No longer do you just sit back and listen-now, with these devices that take you into hitherto uncharted realms of VR you are no bystander. You feel, experience and are with it in every possible sense of the term. Put simply, you are born to feel.

Haptics company Woojer is making a vest (creatively titled Vest) that wraps around your torso and lets you feel the virtual worlds you’re in. It comprises 6 haptic transducers that play sounds from 0-500Hz directly into the chest and back. To give you the most organ-throbbing impact possible, each transducer is placed in key “meridian points”, four for the chest and two along the centre of the back.

The device was revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 and is actually more than just a gaming peripheral. It finds its use when you are watching movies or listening to music. The company threw more light by saying that the Vest can react to every note of a song with zero latency, making sure your body buzzes with the bass and rhythm of the beat.

Aiming to make the Vest a big thing in VR is Woojer’s software development kit that is creating haptic content and is releasing a library of over 400 sound effects.

What about a device for when you are on the move? Woojer is also making a second, smaller device that’s designed for on-the-move music listening.

Right now, the Vest is in development and there is no announcement of pricing.

Guess people will turn and stare as you gyrate or throb to the beat, may be you will not bother. If you are in the boundless limits of VR would you ever notice?


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