Sprocket: HP’s new portable printer for instant photos


HP has introduced a new pocket-sized photo printer that connects wirelessly to your iPhone or Android smartphone to print high quality sticky-back photos.

The Sprocket can create instant 2×3″ (5×7.6cm) photos that are smudge-proof and water-resistant. Weighing about 170 grams, the printer is paired with the Sprocket app to print selfies and personal images from the phone’s storage or social media account.

With the Sprocket app, users can edit their pictures or customize by adding text, borders and emojis. And with Bluetooth connectivity, the options are endless. The portable printer uses Zink’s Zero Ink technology to print full-color shots.

The instant-dry stickable photos are printed on HP Zink Photo Paper that comes as a 20-sheet pack. HP Zink paper delivers bright, glossy photos without ink or toner cartridges. The printed photos can also be used as stickers to decorate bags, scrapbooks, journals, and walls.

“HP envisions the new device finding popularity with teenagers and millennials who are drawn to fun, stylish gadgets that might be a hit at social events,” the technology company said in a release.

“In fact, that’s precisely where HP sees Sprocket finding its biggest following – at parties and other gatherings where fun-seekers might be taking selfies or looking at social media posts that they would like to print, share and take home with them.”

Sprocket is available in white with rose gold accents, and black with silver accents. The lightweight printer retails at $130.


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