Lenovo Yoga Book is available for pre-order in US: Here is what to expect


Eager to get your hands on Lenovo’s Yoga Book? The unique laptop/tablet hybrid, dubbed as world’s thinnest and lightest convertible, can now be pre-ordered in the US.

The Yoga Book weighs only 690g and is as thin as 4.05mm, making work or play on-the-go effortlessly easy. The 2-in-1 is expected to be released on October 17.

Introduced in Berlin during IFA 2016, Lenovo lays claim to a one-of-a-kind product.

The device has a connected Halo keyboard, a secondary touchscreen that provides a backlit virtual keyboard. The surface is made out of textured glass covering a sensitive haptic feedback layer, which allows users to “feel” the keys when typing. Not missed out are the standard features such as “auto correct” and “auto complete” as well as multi language support.

The Yoga Book’s Halo keyboard also doubles up a writing platform for the Yoga Book’s included stylus This accessory packs real ink, enabling users to throw a piece of paper on the touch surface and draw or write. This results in the production of physical and digital versions simultaneously. The touch surface actually includes a special film specifically created by professional pen tablet maker Wacom for real-time, hand-based digital input, like drawing and cursive writing.

The writing with the real-pen accessory imbues it with the precision of a pencil or paintbrush with 2.048 pressure levels and 100-degree angle detection to boot!

What’s more, you’ll never have to change or replace it as it does not need batteries. What makes it even simpler is that the ink can be replaced with standard ink tips as in a conventional pen.

What also sets it apart is the Yoga Book’s special hinge combining the tablet portion with the touch surface. This hinge is a combination of magnesium and aluminum alloys weaved together in a watchband-style design. Thus, the hinge is capable of transitioning the Yoga Book between four positions: browse, watch, create, and type.

A word about the colour combinations. The touch surface and display bezel are dark in color,and the colour of the hinge and outside shell is Champagne Gold for the Android model and Gunmetal Grey and Carbon Black for the Windows 10 Home model.

A bit more about the typing experience. Make notes or sketches using a stylus with real ink. Type on the Halo keyboard that appears when you need it – and vanishes when you don’t!

If that is not for those who let their imagination run free and wild, what else could?


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