Logitech’s new K780 makes typing virtually hands free!


Logitech’s new keyboard K780 has revolutionized what a desktop keyboard can do.

Logitech’s K780 Multi device Blue Tooth keyboard integrates your IOS devices into your working process.The new keyboard paves the way for an uncluttered, clean desk space with its new features.

The keyboard feels heavier when you take it out of the box. The rubber cradle to hold the devices is built into the keyboard, making it sturdier and more dependable. While adding to the weight it scores high on safety.

The top of the K780 features a little tray for propping up a tablet or smart phone so it does not fall from its place. It is ideal when typing out long text messages.

Those who prefer their keyboards to be steeper will draw a blank. The angle cannot be adjusted possibly because of the dock at the back holding the smart phone firmly in place

One of the biggest pains of the dual booting computers are Bluetooth devices. Whenever you want to switch operating systems you have to do the pairing all over again. This is where K780 rates higher. It even auto-detects the operating system on the device and maps the keys. Logitech circumnavigated the problem with new K780 keyboard. This is an aesthetically pleasing slimmer model – a combo of good looks with wider usability.

The way is paved for a smoother, less hassled typing exercise. When a notification appears on your phone all you have to do is to push a button, respond via Bluetooth iPad or iPhone and get back to typing once again. This is further facilitated by using multiplexed function keys instead of the rotary dial of the earlier model.

Logitech built a slot into the front of the keyboard that has a rubber finish to hold your tablet or smartphone at an angle that allows comfortable viewing of the screen and lets you type away.

The keys in the K780 are concave and make the usage a better experience. It’s as easy as that! No reaching out for your devices, responding and putting them back elsewhere on the desk. They are sitting just over the keyboard and control is made so very simple. You can use the K780 keyboard from as far away as 10 meters as it uses Bluetooth for its wireless means.

Safety for all your documents is ensured as it uses 128-bit AES encryption on the wireless.

A dedicated number pad with 96 keys comes with the K780 as against the 79 keys that were present in Logitech’s earlier K480.

The battery has a life of 24 months and this scores well for hassle free use.

Add to it auto sleep on/off button and a battery status indicator and that takes the load off the mind as far as batteries are concerned.

You will have just these words to describe your K780 experience. Why didn’t they think of that before?


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