Dell XPS 13: Will the addition of Kaby Lake be worth the upgrade?


Everyone’s favourite Dell laptop, the XPS is getting a new update with the Dell XPS 13. And just like every other Dell XPS, it’s pretty impressive.

Thanks to the release of Kaby Lake, the new XPS 13 will feature the latest and greatest from Intel. Its performance and battery efficiency will be welcome features on the new version. And for the first time XPS will come in a special ‘Rose Gold’ paint, a colour getting popular in tech nowadays. The design has been kicked up a notch, with Dell’s XPS screen looking borderless and almost edge-to-edge.

In other notable features, thanks to the slight upgrade, the notebook can now be enjoyed for 22 hours. There’s also a new Thunderbolt 3 port, making high-speed transfers even faster, and allowing multiple 4K monitors to be connected to the laptop.

The rest of the specs aren’t changed however, retaining the 1080p display, a Core i3 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage for the base variant. The high-end variant of the XPS will have a 16GB of RAM, as well as a 1TB SSD with a beefier i7 chip.

Dell has retained the best of the previous iteration with the Infinity screen, that all-too-accurate keypad and the name. It’s not worth the upgrade if someone’s just bought the old one, but is a pretty reliable choice if a premium business-grade laptop is needed. The cost comes at a premium, and of course, there isn’t any GPU in there. But there will always be Intel HD to save the day.

It’s as portable and thin as ever. And will be out in the markets by October 1. It will definitely blow the socks of the current generation MacBook, but those looking forward to buying the XPS now, should probably wait for the next generation MacBook to release, just for the sake of consideration.

Of course, the XPS has such a large fan following around it, it’ll still be worth the purchase. The near-perfect screen and Kaby Lake are more than enough reasons to pick one up. And being one of the best UltraBooks of the year, the XPS is no slouch.


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