Recalled Note 7 devices will be remotely deactivated


After a recall notice for all Galaxy Note 7 devices, Samsung is now preparing to replace the faulty units within the next few weeks. This means that Samsung has to first deactivate recalled Galaxy Note 7 units, a process that will involve a massive 2.5 million pieces. The new devices will not include batteries manufactured by Samsung’s affiliate; the Samsung SDI.

The recall process varies from country to country. In the United States, users can easily replace their gadget with another flagship such as the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge. For those that have pre-ordered Galaxy Note 7, they will receive $25 gift card from Samsung. For other countries, customers will have to wait for their respective local Samsung branches to receive new Galaxy Note 7 phones for replacement.

The bad news for those who do not wish to exchange their newly acquired Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is that they will all be deactivated after September 30. Limbo Jr, a Reddit user shared the news of the switch off he claims he got from a Samsung representative. Deactivating the gadgets remotely means that anyone with the device will not be able to use it. Customers have no choice but to replace their Galaxy Note 7 units by taking part in the exchange program.

The exchange program will ensure customers receive other models. Tim Baxter, President of Samsung Electronics America, explained in a statement earlier that customers may not be able to enjoy the services of Galaxy Note 7 until new models were released. He said Note 7 owners can opt for another Samsung device till there is an official announcement on the release.


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