Google Photos App for iOS is now much better than Android’s


In news that should offend every Android user out there, Google just went ahead and updated the Photos app for iOS to be even more awesome than it is on Android.

The Photos app on iOS will now allow iPhone users to turn their Live Photos into shareable GIFs now so that they can properly gloat to their Android using friends that they can make GIFs and share it on Instagram.

The app can now edit Live Photos using another service called Motion Stills, which can convert the Live Photos into editable GIFs. And those GIFs can in-turn be converted to video and edited to be posted on social or shared with friends.

Google Photos 2.0 is what the Google Photos app is called on the iOS and this update should make it the go-to app for photos and editing on iOS devices. The app also lets users share photos on YouTube. However, for making more edits on the GIF, the Motion Stills app is still needed.

Earlier on, Google had paired with Snapseed to establish its own photo editing app which is still one of the best editing apps out there right now. It’s ironic how Google Photos is aiming to add more and more features to iOS but still hasn’t been able to provide the same features for Android.

But it shows that Android is just as committed to the iOS platform and wants to take advantage of its specialized features even though it can’t be made available on Android yet. Version 2.0 will make the app a lot more responsive in terms of fulfilling the needs of the shutterbug.

The update comes at a good time for iPhone newbies since iPhone has made some major changes with their iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, by making major improvements to the cameras. So if one needed any other reason to opt for the newer models, this should be it.


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