Google gets serious about application programming, acquires Apigee for $625 mn


In Google’s latest bid for world domination and acquiring anything that moves, it has now taken over the likes of one of the best developers of APIs – Apigee.

Apigee has been having a good run this past year, with its share value having doubled on the dollar. This could also be why Google decide to swoop in sooner before anyone else had any idea of grabbing Apigee. Google will be paying $17.40 per share for Apigee.

API is a very important tool within web development and apps, which everyone might not be familiar with. Essentially, it automates communication between a website, landing page or app so that it is interactive with users. Most commonly found on e-commerce websites where the process of paying, and receiving the delivery is often taken care through smart API.

Apigee has been doing so good at its job, that every time a transaction is made on one of its clients’ websites, they get a small fraction of the cost, and with the likes of AT&T, Walgreen Co. and Burberry Group, it’s pretty apparent they’re making a lot of money.

Google perhaps wants to specialize in API development, mostly because it’s become one of the prominent requirements that customers bring up. And who better to handle such requests than Apigee, right?

Diane Green, who is the head of Google’s enterprise-cloud business said in an interview recently, “It is stunning how almost every customer is bringing up (APIs) when I’m in meetings,” and that the acquisition “further shows that we are so committed to helping enterprise customers”.

Because cloud computing is now seeing a major lift-off, Google wants to make all its customers settle for the ever-innovative storage solution. Diane Greene has played a major role in this decision since she joined Google last November. Since her hire, Google has been pitching for more and more of its clients to make the shift.

Apigee currently has over 300 customers and a recorded revenue of over $66.9 million. In any event, this seems like a strategically good decision for both companies as they can thrive off their existing reputation for growth and double their earnings because of the partnership.

Although it’s unclear whether Google will change things around for the new Apigee division they’ve acquired, one thing is for sure – that Amazing and Microsoft – Google’s current biggest rivals will not be taking this lightly and are probably searching for their own solution even as this is being written.


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