iPhone 7? No thanks; Some are waiting for the iPhone 8


Although the most celebrated handheld device in history is just hours away, there are some in the tech space who want to wait it out until the next iPhone arrives. But why?

Next year will mark the iPhone’s 10th Anniversary and if the iPhone 7 is going to wow the audience, then the anniversary edition should double-wow the audience; at least according to the tech gurus, that is.

As it remains, the iPhone 7 is heavily rumoured to be dropping the headphone jack for reasons unknown other than to stand out from the crowd and be the cool kid. But a lot of the best smartphone makers use headphone jacks. And while the new jack-less iPhone may come with a decent spec’d pair of earphones, it’s not going to be providing any jaw-dropping sound quality just yet, because the technology isn’t yet quite as reliable and robust as the traditional headphones.

It’s also been rumoured to have double cameras, a touch-sensitive home-button this time, as well as other such changes. How good or bad these changes will be received by the public is up to time. The only thing that people are sure will not change in the phone will be the design.

Colin Gillis, a noted analyst with BGC Partners said, “The iPhone 7 runs the risk of disappointing investors”.

Considering what a 10-year anniversary edition iPhone can bring to the table compared to the iPhone 7, chances are, people would wait in line for that, right? And 10 years is a big deal and the technology should be unlike any other.

It’s already a neck-and-neck race between the current heavy-weights in the smartphone category, with the Note 7, the upcoming Nexus and the new V20 promising features unlike the rest of their premium segment counterparts. The iPhone stands apart as usual, and will be closely scrutinized for its delivery simply because it is just too expensive to ignore.

While Motorola just launched their cheapest Moto G – which can pretty much do everything the iPhone can, and also includes a headphone jack, the V20 just launched on the day of the iPhone’s release. Competitors want to take apart a piece of the Apple pie, and they will relish it if the iPhone bombs.

And won’t the next iteration after the 7 be called the 7S? Because that’s always the trend isn’t it? So the iPhone 7S could be the anniversary edition rather than being called the iPhone 8? Apple definitely has given some food for thought here.


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