Apple offers 2TB iCloud storage for $19.99 week before iPhone 7 release


Short on space to stack away photos and videos? Apple’s latest cloud storage plan could give you a reason to upgrade.

For $19.99 a month, users can enjoy up to 2TB storage with Apple’s iCloud.

Details on the official iCloud page show the 2-terabyte tier, in addition to the smaller storage capacities such as 50GB ($0.99), 200GB ($2.99) and 1TB ($9,99).

And for those who have purchased a monthly plan before September 16, 2015, Apple will upgrade their accounts automatically. iCloud users can cancel or downgrade storage plan from device at any time.

New registrants can continue to enjoy 5GB for free without signing up for a plan.

If you are a user of Mac or iOS device, the iCloud Drive is part of the OS and can help quickly access files you’ve stored on your iPhone or iPad.

Apple’s latest cloud storage plan comes just a week before the launch of iPhone 7. Increasing the storage capacity could just corroborate the rumour of an iPhone with a 256GB storage variant.

For those already using premium cloud storage services, Apple’s 2TB offer is still not a great bargain. Google offers 15GBs for free and paid plans start at 100GBs for $1.99 per month. Dropbox offers 1TB for $9.99 per month.


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