The best demos, betas, and free-to-play games you can try this weekend


The best demos, betas, and free-to-play games you can try this weekend

Gaming can be a notoriously expensive hobby if you indulge the impulse to play all the latest and greatest games. It doesn’t have to be, though! These days there is a wide range of new betas, demos, and free game trials available every week. If you are looking for something new to play but don’t want to commit, we have a list of the best demos, betas, and free games that you can try out this weekend.

Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend

The enormous (and enormously popular) squad shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands will be free on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC from October 12 through October 16. This is the full version of the game, and doesn’t limit your progression like the trial versions of games that Ubisoft occasionally releases. During this same period the game will be 50 percent off, with the sale extending for another week for Uplay, PlayStation Plus, and Xbox Live Gold members.

Ghost Recon Wildlands recently launched its competitive “Ghost War” mode for free, which you’ll be able to try out during the free weekend, as well.

Day of Infamy free weekend

Day of Infamy, the World War II themed follow-up to the realistic multiplayer shooter Insurgency, will be free to play on Steam from October 12 through October 16, beginning and ending at 1 p.m ET on the respective days. During this time, experience points will be doubled, allowing new players to experience more of the game, and the “Brittany” map has just been added, as well.

Days of Infamy traditionally costs $20 on Steam, with a deluxe edition containing a 28-minute soundtrack also available for $30.

Free Xbox Live Games with Gold for October

Three games are available this weekend for Xbox Live Games With Gold.

The excellent paranormal adventure game Oxenfree carries over from September, and will continue to be available through October 15. Xbox One owners can also download the acclaimed mystery game Gone Home on Xbox One. Additionally, Rayman 3 HD can be picked up on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. Rayman 3 HD is a remaster of the 2003 platformer Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.

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Free PlayStation Plus games for October

October’s free PlayStation Plus games have arrived for subscribers.

Leading the way is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Hideo Kojima’s last entry in the iconic stealth franchise. The Phantom Pain takes place 10 years after Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, and gives players an open world to explore. It stands as one of the most critically acclaimed games of a generation. Even if you don’t have a working knowledge of the franchise, The Phantom Pain is worth trying for PS4 owners.

PlayStation 4 owners can also get some frights just in time for Halloween with the Amnesia: Collection, which features Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. A 2010 critical darling, The Dark Descent sees Daniel exploring a dark and eerie castle as Daniel in the mid-1800s. Something is hunting him, but he doesn’t know what. Rife with atmospheric scares and physics-based puzzles, the pair of Amnesia titles have stuff to love for both adventure and horror fans.

Through cross-buy, PS4 and PS Vita players can also pick up Hue, a colorful side-scrolling puzzle game, while top-down shooter Sky Force Anniversary is up for grabs on PS4, PS Vita, and PS3.

The PS3 continues to scrape the bottom of the barrel this month with Billiards game Hustle Kings, and monster truck driver Monster Jam Battlegrounds.

Carrying over from September is the first PSVR game in the PS Plus program. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, a multiplayer competitive shooter that plays like a futuristic sport, typically goes for $30. The PSVR launch title shows off VR technology well. Playing solo is fun, but considering it is now part of PS Plus, finding matches probably will not be very hard.

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