Share to social, stock and photo sites with a new program called Photerloo


Share to social, stock and photo sites with a new program called Photerloo

Why it matters to you

Spend less time uploading and more time interacting with Photerloo’s auto-upload and keyword tools.

Social media management tools make uploading to multiple social media sites faster so users can spend more time interacting (without resorting to paying Like bots) — but a new platform is taking that one step further with artificial intelligence and a few photo-focused tools. Photerloo is a social media management tool designed just for photographers that will auto keyword posts before uploading to social media, photo-sharing and stock photography sites.

The new platform, now in public beta, allows users to upload to Facebook and Twitter as well as 500px, Flickr and Shutterstock. The latest update added compatibility with Adobe Stock. Instead of uploading to each site separately, the platform allows users to upload the same image to multiple platforms at once.

The developers say they are planning to add Instagram compatibility, and an Adobe Lightroom plug-in is also in the works.

Besides saving time by posting to multiple sites, the software automates a few other aspects of the upload process to help users save time. Using artificial intelligence and object recognition technology, the software automatically suggests keywords. On stock-photo sites, the right keywords help an image to sell, so automatically adding relevant keywords is an easy way to get a photo more exposure.

Along with the auto key-wording, the program also automatically adds metadata. The system can even take information from the photo’s title and description and create a 140-character-or-less tweet from it. The photo — and corresponding keywords and data — can be uploaded to all the linked sites at once or users can select which platforms to post to.

Photerloo is designed by two college friends, James Wheeler and Hamad Deshmukh, to make photo uploads easier for photographers. The startup is based in British Colombia, Canada.

While none of Photerloo’s features by itself are completely unique, Photerloo appears to merge several convenient features into one spot. Several stock photography platforms use artificial intelligence to automatically add keywords. And platforms like Hootsuite have been posting to multiple social media sites for years. But Photerloo goes beyond just social media and posts to photography platforms like Flickr and 500px as well as stock sites, which could give the platform an edge if the beta software is able to deliver.

The platform is currently free to test in public beta.


Published at Mon, 03 Jul 2017 20:12:50 +0000


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