Brace yourself, a new premium Google Pixel is in the works


The Google Pixel is expected to release its sequel this year sometime, even the company may or may not be announcing it. After having established itself in the premium smartphone segment, it is safe to say that the Pixel brand is here to stay.

Google took the competition head on after the release of its first smartphone last year and a company executive Rick Osterloh, who is the VP of Hardware of Google said that Google will be following the annual tradition of launching a new smartphone since there is an “annual rhythm” in the industry that is present, according to report by Engadget. The successor to the Pixel is expected to carry with it a hefty price tag as well with Osterloh confirming that the Pixel will be staying premium. It can be noted that The Google Android One platform is still going to be continued through third-party carriers, which usually is supported by Google on the software front at least.

The next phone by Google is expected to come with the next big update by Google – Android 8.0 Oreo (or hopefully, since that is what the rumours are reporting). The next version of Android will be demonstrated at the I/O event which will be held in May. It may also show the world a glimpse of the Pixel 2 as well. The device will be expected to have a number of new hardware features which will include a new processor, probably the latest Snapdragon available during that time. But the company is testing different chipsets for its mobile platform at the moment including the likes of Intel chipsets as well.

The reports claim that the new Pixel will be featuring a waterproof design, keeping with the trend of all premium smartphones nowadays. Apart from design, it will also feature a much-improved camera for excellent photography even at low-level lighting. And of course, the company will release two variants of the new Pixel, as was with last time. Some say that one of the variants will have a budget-friendly tag, which also means a more modest spec-sheet as opposed to the main one.

This is a good approach for Google, who has got itself a reputation of producing high-quality devices that offer well on performance and value. Now that they have tested the waters with their first outing, it would do good for them to release something new that is a little more innovative and edgy. We aren’t expecting curved displays or dual screens, but a lot more sensible improvements that the company is known for. Hopefully, the new phone should arrive on time to take on the Apple iPhone 8.


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