After Nokia and BlackBerry, Lenovo aims to bring back the Motorola brand to its roots


Lenovo had rebranded the Motorola brand name to just “Moto” when they took over. Now, it seems that in the wake of brands like BlackBerry and Nokia cashing in on the nostalgia factor, Lenovo seems to be considering giving back the Motorola name to the masses.

First being called “Moto by Lenovo,” which no one really noticed until now, Motorola chairman and president Aymar de Lencquesaing said that the name change was not appealing enough for them, according to CNet. But we have all noticed the iconic logo from Motorola gone missing in recent times. Lenovo plans on bringing that back as well. It won’t be necessarily be a rebranding, but more of a return to original branding. In places like Russia however, the branding change will not be made just yet.

It is interesting to see a turn of events such as this, since Moto was supposed to be seen as a subsidiary to Lenovo when it was taken over by the company. The Vibe was to be the main attraction by the clubbing of both the brands, with Moto’s series of phones available at a sub-cost. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to pan out for Lenovo since Moto’s phones were increasingly popular; more so, than Lenovo’s offerings.

Motorola has so far had a decade of transitions. First, it was bought by Google in 2011 and then in 2014 by Lenovo as well. Towards the end of the decade, we will see Motorola reclaim the commodity that has kept it running well since its inception – its name. According to Digital Trends, owing to competition such as Huawei, Xiaomi and Samsung, the strategies implemented weren’t able to show off the Moto brand to its fullest potential, because of deferred brand strategies. Hopefully, this re-implementation of the brand’s original focus should bring it back on track.

The Motorola branding will reportedly start getting applied on a per-country basis. It was also revealed the company will not be releasing another smart watch, as the platform was considered to have “too few practical uses,” as mentioned by the chairman of Motorola. The company had also unveiled some new Moto Mods for their Moto Z flagship – one with an extended battery, one that allows wireless charging as well as a gamepad. There is even a Moto Mod which will be able to come with Alexa.

It seems like Motorola has a lot of innovation up its sleeve; just that it isn’t being applied properly. Let’s hope we get back the Motorola that we have always loved. Now that Nokia brought back the 3310, maybe Motorola can bring back the Razr platform as well? Who knows?


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