Galaxy S8, S8+ release date: Samsung confirms March 29; curved displays and large screens as well


Although Samsung did roll out some juicy devices at the MWC this year, the company also provided the public with juicy information about the release date of their next smartphone flagship – the Galaxy S8. Fans will be happy to know that as per the speculations, the company will be launching the smartphone on March 29, 2017.

A very interesting teaser was also unveiled by the company, very minimal in design, which showed just two design brackets, one on top and one at the bottom with a message between that read ‘Unbox your phone’. The graphic seemed to indicate that the phone will probably have a bleeding edge kind of display, as the sides of the minimal phone in the graphic completely blended with the black background. This is a strong indication that Samsung is planning something big in displays this time around.

The event to unveil the next big Samsung smartphones will be a stand-alone invent, held in New York as is the tradition with Samsung. The company will reveal two variants – the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the bigger S8+. The company is going through all the processes required in order to produce a safe and reliable phone for users, especially in the battery compartment, for obvious reasons. There will now be a new 8-point testing system carried out to check the batteries for all phones that are released by the company to ensure quality checks. There will also be a new committee employed which will consist of experts in the field to gauge the battery performance and establish proper regulations when building batteries for new smartphones.

Apart from the release dates, nothing else has been given by Samsung about the specifications of their new flagship phones. But what we know for sure by this point is that the phones will come with the latest Snapdragon chipset – the Snapdragon 835. The leaks have also helped point out that they will feature larger screens than usual, coming in this time at a screen size of 5.8-inches and 6.2-inches respectively. Of course, they will be Super AMOLED curved displays. The smartphones will also come with the Google Assistant and Siri challenger – the Samsung Bixby.

As far as other specs go, rumors indicate that the phones might come in 4GB RAM variants, with 64GB of internal storage, Android Nougat out-of-the-box, IP68 certification, being resistant to deep water levels and dust. It is also mentioned that the phones will feature 12MP and 8MP sensors on the rear and front sides of the phone and will be powered by 3,000mAh and 3,500mAh batteries respectively. Unfortunately, there is only a reveal date announced, but not a release date, hence there is no confirmation on when the phones will be available for purchase. We are hoping that the release happens no later than April 21.

As we saw with the release of the LG G6 already, Samsung has their work cut out for them. Processing speed aside, the key difference is user interface and performance. With the first combatant already entered into the arena, we are more than ready to see what the challenger can put up.


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