Samsung Galaxy Book: A Windows tablet with stylus by Samsung?


Samsung is launching something big at MWC 2017. It’s not the Samsung Galaxy S8, but it is something bigger – physically. Based on a hint that had arrived on the Windows earlier this week, there is reason to believe that Samsung will probably be outing a Windows based tablet.

MSPoweruser, who first got hint of that app did some snooping around and came to the conclusion that the tablet will be called the Samsung Galaxy Book and it should come with a stylus, as well as LTE. Just like with other Samsung devices which have come with a stylus built-in, the Samsung Galaxy Book’s stylus will have the Air Command feature as well. The stylus could possibly come with its own digital eraser as well.

Samsung will be holding their press conference soon on February 26. They will probably be unveiling a host of new tablets, both Windows and Android-based. The only clue we have about the Samsung Book is that it will probably have an auto-dimming feature for the display, judging by the app that had popped up in the Windows Store. Some say that the tablet will have a 10.2-inch display size, but whether that seems to be the case has not yet been confirmed.

Although consumers might not get to see the S8 coming any time soon, the Samsung line of tablets have always been good performers. With LTE support and stylus input, we could probably have a Yoga or a surface competitor on our hands. If the S Pen is integrated in Windows, it will be interesting to see how it will be for an entire different operating system.

Apart from a possible new Windows 10 tablet, the press conference could be about the next possible update regarding the S8, and according to rumours, we might get to witness it no sooner than March 29 in New York. After that, the phone may start sales in April. It’s a long wait, but considering it is Samsung, we are sure it will be worth it. The company will be outing some good Android tablets on Sunday as well, but there are no confirmations on what they will be or of the hardware being used.

Right now, the company needs to worry about timing, the first flagship of the year is almost out. Will the S8 be able to catch up in time to be number one? That will take a while to figure out, since Apple’s new iPhone is still making waves.


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